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 Secures folded paper  towels for general purpose cleaning and drying. Holds 1-ply white hand paper towels to help reduce waste.




Product Information:

Contains: holds a maximum of 800 1-ply hand towels








Our dispensers are sourced from a variety of renowned manufacturers and brands such as Kimberly Clark and Purell,  designed to help increase efficiency and promote hygiene.

Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser

High-Impact plastic construction is durable, washable and stands up to most cleaning agents, ensuring years of cost-saving performance.


Product Information:



Holds one roll up to 9" in diameter (the equivalent of 5.7 rolls od standard 2-ply tissue) for continuous service.

Attractive design and colour complements any decor. This covered, key lock design helps protect against waste as soon as pilferage while making refilling rolls quick and easy.


Center Pull Paper Towel Dispenser



Holds paper towels for general purpose cleaning and drying.  Can hold up to 9.5" x 7.5" Center Pull.











Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser/ Sanitizer

Reliable Touch free dispensers. Hand Sanitizers can be found in both gel and foam.


Compact 1200 ml and 700 ml dispenser both automatic and manual is ideal for tight spaces. Smart, trouble-free electronics eliminate battery changes in most installations.

Large sight window and skylight for a at-a- glance product monitoring.












Hand Soap Dispenser/ Hand Soap



 Hand Soap comes in both gel and foam which contain 70% alcohol.

An antibacterial hand soap which kills germs on contact to effectively remove bacteria from your hands. Pleasant to use and mild to skin providing that extra peace of mind in today's germ-laden environment.








EnMotion Automatic Dispenser


If you want to boast hygiene, just wave to dispense towel sheet.  This automatic paper towel dispenser promotes  safer food handling to minimize risk of cross contamination. One at a time towel dispensing encourages users to take only the paper they need.

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